• GIS-based Map Management Tools
  • Automated recommendation of best-scenario response that is based on geographic zone, call type, incident location and available resources
  • Automated recording of incident history, such as unit status, events, radio log details
  • Pin-based Incident Analysis
  • Rapid installation in a true client/server environment
  • NCIC queries capabilities
  • Drag and drop dispatching
  • Configurable Command Line functions
  • Call Routing

GLOBAL DISPATCH is a configurable, easy-to-use Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system with built in GIS technology. Global Dispatch's embedded GIS technology, combined with a flexible response plan gets the right resources to the right location quickly and efficiently. Global Dispatch is powerful enough to operate regional multi-agency, multi-discipline dispatch centers. Designed in an object-oriented architecture with Microsoft® SQL database, Global Dispatch integrates advanced mapping and GIS technology, as well as automates and integrates management reports and record-keeping functions.

GLOBAL DISPATCH integrates advanced mapping with the 9-1-1 caller's ANI/ALI information to immediately populate the call-taker screen and map. The configurable response plan utilizes geographic zone, call type, incident location, unit station and unit status information, to recommend the best response for each call; while offering the flexibility for overrides or manual dispatching, as needed. An unlimited number of units (police, fire and EMS) can be dispatched and timestamped on a single call number. Plus the system has the ability to assign each agency and discipline a unique report number, based on a unique numbering scheme.