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Global Public Safety, a division of Harris Computer, is committed to providing you with the best software, services, and support in the industry. As long as you have a current software license and support agreement in place, the product you have today will continue to be supported. If and when your business needs require you to migrate to a newer version of software, we will provide you with an upgrade path that includes our Software for Life price advantage to move to our cutting-edge flagship product(s).

In response to the feedback we have received from all of our partners over the past year, the following changes have been made to better serve your needs and bring heightened focus to the products that you use. The first step in meeting these objectives was to add additional management and staff that could focus solely on these particular products.

As of October 1, 2017, Andrew Wright has joined the Global Public Safety group as Executive Vice President. Mr. Wright is a tenured business executive within Harris Computer and brings more than 25 years of leadership experience in managing organizations that provide enterprise software design, deployment and ongoing support. In addition, we have expanded your support and management teams by adding software development staff and dedicated sales associates for each product line.

Lorie Pugh has returned as the Executive managing your support team, along with Matt Schaefer as VP for R&D. Many of you have worked with Lorie and Matt in the past, and you will be glad to hear that their entire focus is now on the software you use on a daily basis. We see these leadership additions as a significant first step in earning back your trust.

The second step is aimed at improving your customer experience and response time on support calls. As of November 1, we have returned to the previous process we used in handling your incoming support calls. The support staff responsible for your software product will be answering your calls directly rather than an answering service during peak business hours. This change will provide the support you need in a more timely and efficient manner. You may continue dialing the number you are currently using for support, or dial 877-810-8045, and these numbers will roll over to the correct support queue.

We believe you will be able to see a difference in these efforts right away.

Harris Computer Corporation values you as a partner and looks forward to working with you in serving your software needs for many years to come. Please feel free to provide your feedback as we work together to improve our processes and get back to the support you had grown accustomed to as a software partner with Harris.

Lorie Pugh
Sr. Director of Support

Andrew Wright
Executive Vice President