Fire and EMS

Fire / EMS CAD and Mobile

Solutions that link the entire chain of events - saving time, money, and lives.

Global’s TAC.10 Fire and EMS solution provides CAD functionality for the dispatcher while also passing critical incident information directly to the fire apparatus on route and on-site. The software allows for mutual aid support and gives dispatchers the ability to track multiple response events with call information, units and times. It is fully integrated with TAC.10’s Record Management system (RMS) to eliminate the manual re-entry of event data for repository storage which improves accuracy and efficiency.


TAC.10 Fire & EMS CAD solution provides dispatchers with the ability to effectively manage emergency response resources while utilizing a communication link to provide on route and on site responders both with the real time situational information they require.


TAC.10 Mobile solution for Fire, brings dispatch incident information directly to the apparatus providing personnel the ability to access real-time critical call details, while on route to the scene.