Global Public Safety Announces the Promotion of Rodney Ford to Director of Sales and Marketing

Global is excited to announce the promotion of Rodney Ford as the new Director of Sales and Marketing. With a solid educational background in Computer Science and an impressive 34 years of industry experience, Rodney brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role.

During his seven years with Global, Rodney has consistently proven himself as a valuable asset to the organization. With his previous position as the Manager of Sales and Marketing, Rodney successfully increased revenue year after year and streamlined the sales process by implementing and utilizing cutting-edge CRM software. Additionally, he played a crucial role in product development, utilizing customer feedback to enhance features and maximize revenue.

As the new Director of Sales and Marketing, Rodney’s primary goals include enhancing the customer experience through improved access to information and faster response times. Furthermore, he aims to expand the company’s reach and market share by exploring new marketing avenues that provide Global customers with value-added services that enhance their user experience. Rodney knows from his extensive customer interactions that Global offers the best products in the industry and he is committed to leveraging this advantage to drive growth.

With Rodney’s experience and commitment to excellence, Global is confident that he will contribute significantly to the company’s success. “We are thrilled to have Rodney on board and are excited about the opportunities he brings to our sales and marketing department,” said Thomas Konat, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing.